What is a Server? How does it work? Explanation

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If you use the Internet anywhere, you might notice that sometimes the “Server is Down/Crashed” error appears.

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  • So you might be wondering what a Server is?

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In simple words, a Server is the role of a computer that gives service to a client over the Internet. A server might be hardware or software.

Server in Terms of Hardware

In terms of Hardware, a computer whose configurations, As well as quality, is high. And things which are unique in it. Uniqueness in them is there is more than one/multiple. And of Very high quality when compared to a normal client’s processor as well as motherboard or any other hardware. For example, they use Intel’s Xeon series of processors 2 processors in one motherboard. Which are having the maximum performance as compared to a normal Intel’s 3/5/7/9 or AMD’s Ryzen 3/5/7/9. In short, its RAM, Processor, Storage, Motherboard, etc. components were of very high quality as well as very high performance.

And also we can make our PC/laptop a server.

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For example, if you want to make any website and upload any data. Which you want to show that data to any other person in the world. Whether it is video, photo, text, etc. For this, you have to put that data on your PC. And connect it to the Internet and now you have to keep that PC 24*7 on,

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Because when your PC is going to connected to the Internet unlimited no. of users can access it. As well as you’ll need very high-speed Internet. Because the PC is not going to be off.

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So it will produce heat in a very huge amount. To keep it cool, you have to keep a 24*7 AC/cooling system with it,

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Also if the electricity goes then you have to keep a backup also for it. And this will cost a lot of money and also this is not financially feasible. And because of all this here comes the big companies. Which have their servers, fulfill all of the requirements for a server. Such as powerful computers, high-speed internet, 24*7 electricity.

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And millions of TBs of Hard Disks. Which can store the data in a very huge amount of clients and make it available 24*7.

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That’s the reason why the small companies owning websites go to these server companies. And asks to store their data which is in a very small amount. Like in GBs so that their data can be visible to anyone at any time. Because they are having all the needs of a server to keep that data 24*7 live.

The companies owning servers offer some plans to the small companies in terms of keeping their data on their servers.

  • But when we talk, What about the big companies (such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc.). Which are having data in a very huge amount? Where do they keep their data?

These big companies have their servers. 

Because they are having a business on a large scale. That they have the data in a very huge amount. 

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Even they have set their servers in each country. (For example India’s Google server should be in India, and the US’s server should be in the US)

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Server for each locality

rather than any other server company. which stores their data in only a few places. As they do not have the data in that much of huge amount as well as traffic.

So that their clients can access it instantly from their location. Also when we say that website is very fast and doesn’t take any loading time. This process is seamless, as the request is going to be forward to the nearest server.

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If you have any computer/laptop if it gets any kind of problem. You can go to a service center to fix that issue.

  • But imagine what if the hi-tech computers used in servers going to suffer from any kind of issue. Then all the websites that store their data on that server will be going to crash. And the whole world will be in the trouble.
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Storage used in servers

The Technology Hard Drives having which are in the use of servers is known as RAID Technology

These are more reliable. Because it keeps multiple backups, so they can easily recover data from it. For example, if you open your Facebook account and check a post you have post years ago. The data relating to the post such as likes, comments, the post itself is still here. Because this data is still available on facebook’s server’s Hard Drive. So whenever you open it, a request to be send to that Hard Drive. In which they have stored your post.

  • Have you heard of Closed Network Servers? What are these types of Servers?
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These type of servers functions. They store the data in one computer in an organization such as school, bank, hospitals, etc. And forms a closed network. So that any computer not belonging to them could not access the data. And they give access to the other computer in their organization. To access the data.

Types of servers

They created servers according to their needs. For example, Proxy Server, Web Server, Mail Server, Printer Server, FTP Server, and so on .

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In the system of a network, all the users could not be the client. As well as all could not be the servers. In the network of millions of computers, there are lots of servers as well as lots of clients. For example, In WhatsApp whenever we send a message to anyone else. At first, WhatsApp’s server receives the message. and then WhatsApp’s servers in output send the message to the user. The first client is the sender and the second client is the receiver. And the person who makes this all happen is a server. Which is in this case of a post is a postman. 

So whenever you send a message to anyone. beginning it arrives on WhatsApp’s server. Their server encrypts that message so that any other person could not read it up. After encrypting it diverts the message to the receiver.

But because it’s a machine it doesn’t matter for it. That whatever inside the message going to sent to the receiver.

  • What do you mean when Server is crash/down?

Server crashes because:

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This happens when the server doesn’t have enough capabilities. Such as enough RAM, a powerful processor. Capable hardware to process that information. 

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For Example

Your website connects to a server having only 10MBPS speed. Which is connecting your website to the world. Now you have uploaded a video of 100MB. So that whenever a client visits your website can see the video you have uploaded.

 Now suppose if 100 people want to watch that video at the same time. Due to very low bandwidth, the server becomes very slow due to the load.

So that the video is in the queue for the clients. And this causes lots of delays. So we call this delay “the Server is down/crash”. So information on the website will not be accessible for clients.

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Another Example

Also, we can say, In a family a father is a server. And all other family members were clients the father doesn’t have enough money to get everyone, whatever they want. And when he receives the requests from each member like one asking for Macbook Pro. Mother for Jewellery, Sister for iPhone, etc. but the father doesn’t have enough money to get them all the stuff. So he declines or in the language of computer, we can it crashes/downs. 

Thats it for the time , i hope i was able to explain all the details and now you know the server word better than ever. Comment down if you have any questions and your opinions. Il meet you in the next article , till then
Stay Safe , Stay Sarcastic !

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