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Many of you have heard about the Airtel Xstream Fiber. Today we’re going to answer some frequently asked questions about Airtel xStream Fiber


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Airtel Xstream Fiber

Airtel Xstream Fiber is a Fiber Broadband service, launched by Bharti Airtel in India. The Plan Starts at Rs.499+18%GST to Rs.3999+18%GST.

There are some Frequently Ask Questions for Airtel Xstream  Fiber

What is Unlimited in Rs.299 Plan?

Ans. Suppose you’re having an Rs.799+18% GST plan.

In this plan, you’re getting an Unlimited Data Pack with 100MBPS of speeds. Plus 3.3TB(3300 GB) of Internet. After exhausting the 3.3TB of the Internet, you could enjoy the internet. As a result, the bandwidths you get would be very slow at crawling speeds as you have exhausted 3.3 TB of data. The Speeds will be going to reduce to 10MBPS.

Therefore, there’s an Add On of Rs.299 you’ll have to pay Rs.299. After this Add On, your data Pack will become truly unlimited. And you can enjoy your data pack at its full speeds with no Internet Limitations.

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Can we do light gaming on Airtel Xstream Fiber?

Ans. Yes. Even you can do 4k streaming, Even on the Slowest pack (only if you have a fiber pack). Whether it is Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, etc. You’ll never face any kind of Buffering/Lag in it. because the fiber has far better speeds than copper.

A fiber connection will make this all possible. Because sometimes they provide you copper connection. And that doesn’t have consistency as well as faster speeds. Because in some areas, only copper is available. That is the reason why they give copper connection.

Speed Test experience on MySpeed (TRAI) & Google’s Speedtest?

Ans.  Testing speeds with MySpeed TRAI give 200mbps download. but gives 100mbps upload.

After testing speeds in Google’s Speed Test. In Conclusion, it gives the same speed as MySpeed. So there might be a problem with these Speed Tests. As they’re giving different speeds.

Should we pay extra and go with Airtel or stay with Timbl?

Ans.  Timbl’s service is not as good as Airtel’s (IN AGRA). Firstly, Airtel has better service. Secondly, Service may differ according to the area. Thirdly, Even paying more for Airtel is worth it as Airtel provides the best service than timbl.

So we highly recommend going with Airtel.

Because the Airtel Xstream Fiber is a POSTPAID service. So that the plan is going to activate on the date of the next Renewal. And money is chargeable.

What we have to do? whenever we do not want to use it for a period of some months. What kind of Charges we have to pay?

 Ans. For these users, Airtel has Introduced a safe custody plan. For Instance, in this plan, there are two plans-

  • Rs.250+18%GST- This plan is for 1 Month to 90 Days.
  • Rs.100+18%GST- You have to pay for each month.

After activating these plans, your connection will come under safe custody if you give the first rental. Firstly, your connection is in safe custody for 90 Days. Secondly, your connection will be in safe custody for a month. In Conclusion, you have to pay Airtel each month once you install the fiber.

Free Installation of Airtel Xstream Fiber?

Ans. If you pay for 3 months in advance at the time of installation. Then the installation, as well as the router, is also free. And similarly, if you pay for 6 months in advance, you’ll get 7.5% off recharge. Or if you pay for 12 months in advance, then you get 15% off in recharge.

And if you do not pay for 3 months in advance, then installation will cost Rs1000. In addition, separately for the router as well.

Airtel Fiber Leased Line Connection?

Ans. Airtel calls it Airtel Office Internet. They offer two plans in it, Rs.6999 and Rs.9999 with speeds up to 100Mbps with FUP limits of up to 6TB. Although, we can configure the plan according to our needs. But the common thing in all plans is Unlimited Calls, 1 Static IP for free.

What is 5Ghz & 2.4Ghz in dual band routers?

Ans. In Simple words, the 5Ghz band will give faster speeds but low coverage. But 2.4Ghz will give fewer speeds and strong coverage.


What about Static IP in xStream Fiber?

Ans. To get a Static IP for your xStream Fiber’s Router you have to send a mail to describing your demand for static IP. An additional fee of Rs.99/month will be added to your monthly billing amount.

In the reviews, they claim up to 100mbps of speeds. But in actual life they provide only 12-13MB/s Why?

Ans. For this, the area depends. First of all, you have to ask them what kind of Broadband they’re going to install, whether Copper or Fiber. Because in many areas, Airtel has changed its plans. But, if in a particular area only copper is present, you will definitely face this issue. But if there’s Fiber, then no issue you’ll get maximum speeds.

What about Airtel Black with xStream Fiber?

Ans. However, there are two plans by default for xStream Fiber in Airtel Black. Both offer up to 200Mbps speeds. And if you want, then you can make your own plan by giving a missed call at 8826655555. Click here to know more about Airtel Black.

If in a particular city. On Airtel’s new connection applying site, Invite Now is on display in a particular city. What does this mean?

Ans. If you want a connection in a city in which there is an Invite now option. Therefore, Airtel is planning to start broadband service in your city. Selecting the city, after that, the connection application form will appear. As soon as more users apply for this form, they will start their Broadband service by getting this strong response.

Unlimited Calls with xStream Fiber?

Ans. You will get Unlimited Calls with all plans. To use this plan, we’ll need a separate instrument for landline calling(not provided by Airtel). And we can use one of our Router’s ports to connect it with a landline instrument. After it, we can use that instruments for Unlimited Calls. But in the case of Jio Fiber, we just have to download the JioCall app and after logging in, we can enjoy unlimited calls in Jio Fiber.

How much ping are we getting in BGMI test?

Ans. As per the Expert’s test, in the 200mbps plan ping. Which they are getting in-game is around 60-70ms. However, the experts were expecting about 20ms. Because when we check in speed tests, it shows about 10-20ms.

How to apply for xStream Fiber?

Ans. To apply for xStream Fiber, we have to follow the steps given below-

  • Visit xStream Fiber‘s Webpage.
  • Select the plan we want.
  • Fill the Personal Details such as Name, Address, etc.
  • After Submission, the xStream Fiber executive will reach you by phone call.
  • And then the engineers will visit your place for Installation.

That’s all for today in this article. Comment down if you have any queries regarding Airtel Xstream Fiber. I’ll meet you in the next blog. Until then as always
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