Now Vi is The King of Telcos in India! Bad TIme for Jio is Near!

Hello everybody! If you trade in shares, then you might know that the Telco giant Vi has got a huge downfall in its shares. Every shareholder wants to sell their shares before the price gets even worse. And on the other hand, other Telco giant Jio (RIL) shares are rising every day.

But now the scenario might get completely opposite. So today we are going to share some information and data regarding the rise of Vi and the fall of Jio. Without any further due, Let’s Get Started!

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Rise of Vi & Fall of Jio

As you know the Telcos have taken a decision against the Indian consumers by increasing the price of their Recharge plans. Firstly it was done by Airtel, but after some time Vi and Jio also increased their prices.

Currently, Vi is having multiple losses and is in the stage of revival. So if Vi increased their prices first, most of the Vi users will port out to other Telco. For the safer side, they were waiting for any other Telco to increase price first and they follow the same practice.


Also, Vi is in a need of funds. The telco provides us with a facility for queue recharges. So when they increased their prices, the telco said the prices will be updated on 26th November. Due to this, they gave some time to their customers, to recharge in advance. By this they have raised a lot of funds, and also the customer will stay with the Telco at least till the plan finishes.

By raising funds, they can pay the loans and even invest in their infrastructure for a better experience for users.


They get a huge decrease in dead subscribers who aren’t doing recharges just have the numbers. After this decrease, the ARPU of these Telcos will increase significantly because of fewer subscribers but more revenue. As of now, Airtel is having approximately ₹190 ARPU, whereas Vi is at ₹130 approximately.

There are some factors that decide the ARPU of respective companies. Factors such as all-night data, 2g users, dead subscribers, etc. 

Advantage for Vi

After seeing all this, we can clearly see the rise of Vi is started. If the Vi has connectivity in your area, then there are chances that you will receive the best possible speeds over Jio and Airtel. 

Currently, the strongest player in India is Jio. Jio is currently in the race of increasing the subscribers up to 600millions as they are already gaining profits from their subscribers. But you should note that Jio has lost more than 20 million subscribers in past. 20 million is a lot for such a big Telco.

Fall of Jio

As Jio has increased its prices, it will be going to get ignored by most of the customers. Although, they don’t have any big investment in the future as they have heavily invested in the past for their infrastructure. 


If they haven’t increased their prices, there was a golden opportunity for them to get ahead of Vi and Airtel. As most of the customers will not care about 50-60 rupees, they will go for better connectivity.

That’s it for today! If you think you can add something to this, please let us know in the comments. If you found this blog informative, do check out our website and YouTube channel for more. We will meet in another blog. Until then,

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