Jio fiber vs Airtel xstream – FIBER BROADBAND 2021 – The End !

jio vs airtel

From September 2020, Jio has introduced new plans for Fiber Broadband.
Airtel has responded by introducing several new plans.
So its Time for a new Jio vs Airtel.
It will be interesting to learn what all changes both companies have made and how each one differs from the other. This article will go over every detail.

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Fiber Broadband: Basic Difference

Jio is a prepaid service.
This simply implies that it is entirely up to the consumer to continue recharging or taking a break for whatever length of time.

Airtel works on two modes – Advance rental and Postpaid.

You all will be familiar with the postpaid service. But what is this Advance Rental system?

As Airtel is expanding its network to some new cities, it is offering an advance rental system to newer cities. In which you’ve to pay the fee in advance but the billing would be done via Postpaid basis only. Allow me to explain a bit more.

Suppose you’ve opted for the 6-month plan on advance rental by paying the charges with 18% GST Extra, then on the seventh month, your plan won’t be cancelled, instead you will get the bill containing the fee for the next 6-months.

That is, whatever plan you opt for in advance rental plan – 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. The same plan is automatically added to the next billing cycle.

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Why no prepaid in Airtel ?

  • Airtel doesn’t want its customer to discontinue paying the monthly fee.
  • Airtel wants continuity in its revenue.
  • Therefore Airtel is running a Postpaid service only. However, in a different style.
  • As a result, Airtel hinders customers from discontinuing the fibre plan and its revenue is generated continuously.

Fiber Broadband: Installation Cost


Currently, Jio is giving a 30-Day Free Trial. In this, you’ve to pay Rs. 2500 which is fully refundable for up to 30 days. Moreover, If you wish to continue after 30 days, Rs. 1000 will be adjusted from Rs. 2500 only. And, rest Rs. 1500 will be kept as refundable security. Whenever you surrender your connection in future, the amount will be refunded.

What Jio offers in Rs. 2500?

  • 4K Set Top Box
  • Dual Band Router
  • No wiring charges
  • 30 Day Free Trial


Quite simple. Airtel makes this tough.

  1. Installation charge – Rs. 1000 for monthly plans. Or Free for long-term plans only in selected cities.
  2. Wiring charges – Free up to 100 metres. Thereafter Rs. 8-10 per metre. (Distance from pole to your house)
  3. Free Dual Band Router

One key point to note is that both companies provide the modem and set-top boxes that you do not own. That is to say, whenever you surrender the connection, the company has the full right to take back both – set-top box and modem.This comparison on Jio vs Airtel gets even more interesting as we proceed further.

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Fiber Broadband: Security Deposits

There’s no security deposit in case of Airtel.

As discussed earlier, Jio will adjust Rs. 1500 as the security deposit, which is fully refundable.

Fiber Broadband: Data Cap

Both companies advertise their plans as truly unlimited plans.

Jio is providing data cap of 3300 GB, with a speed of 1Mbps after FUP limit.

On the other hand, Airtel is providing a data cap of 3333 GB, with the same speed of 1Mbps after FUP. 33GB extra! And we all know how much money does Airtel costs for this much data(cough cough).

Fiber Broadband: Free Voice

Both companies are providing Free Voice. What does it mean?

It means that there will be a landline port in the router. However, the phone is not provided with the plan. You can use that activated number with your landline phone to call across PAN India.

In Jio, You can even make calls from Jio 4G Voice App without even purchasing a landline phone. You just need to be connected to Wi-Fi.

Jio vs Airtel : Plans + OTT Details

Base Plans – Jio vs Airtel

Jio has shattered the previous low-cost Fiber internet connection beginning price of Rs.700-800. Jio has launched an Rs. 399 base pack.

Jio – Rs. 399

  • 30 Mbps speed
  • 3300 GB FUP
  • 1 Mbps After FUP
  • No OTT Content

Airtel – Rs. 499

  • 40 Mbps speed
  • 3333 GB FUP
  • 1 Mbps After FUP
  • No OTT Content Except for Airtel Xtreme App

Airtel Xtreme App is common in all the plans. Airtel says that they have a tie-up with 7 OTT platforms to have a variety of content on the Airtel Xtreme App. But, OTT platforms include ErosNow, Hungama Play, etc. which aren`t quite popular.

Mid-Range Plans

Jio – Rs. 699

  • 100 Mbps speed
  • 3300 GB FUP
  • 1 Mbps After FUP
  • No OTT Content

Airtel – Rs. 799

  • 100 Mbps speed
  • 3333 GB FUP
  • 1 Mbps After FUP
  • No OTT Content Except for Airtel Xtreme App

High ARPU Plans – Rs. 999


  • 150 Mbps speed
  • 3300 GB FUP
  • 1 Mbps After FUP
  • 11 OTT Apps
    1. Amazon Prime
    2. Hotstar VIP
    3. Zee5
    4. Alt Balaji
    5. Jio Saavn
    6. Jio Cinema
    7. LionsGatePlay
    8. Sony LIV
    9. Sunnxt
    10. Hoichoi
    11. ShermarooME


  • 200 Mbps speed
  • 3333 GB FUP
  • 1 Mbps After FUP
  • 3 OTT Apps
    1. Amazon Prime – I year
    2. Zee5 – 1 year
    3. Airtel Xtreme App
    4. Hostar VIP – The company itself is not sure about it. LOL!

So, what would you choose? It’s up to you that whether you choose 50 Mbps speed over 8 OTT Apps subscription, which also includes JioTV+ enabling you to watch Live TV.

Rs. 1499 Plans


  • 300 Mbps speed
  • 3300 GB FUP
  • 1 Mbps After FUP
  • 11 OTT Apps + Netflix BASIC(480p on 4K Set-Top Box. LOL!)


  • 300 Mbps speed
  • 3333 GB FUP
  • 1 Mbps After FUP
  • 3 OTT Apps

High-end Plans – Rs. 3999


  • 1Gbps speed
  • 3300 GB FUP
  • 1 Mbps After FUP
  • 11 OTT Apps + Netflix Standard

Netfilx Standard is also available in Jio Rs. 2499 plan with a speed of upto 500 Mbps


  • 1 Gbps speed
  • 3333 GB FUP
  • 1 Mbps After FUP
  • 3 OTT Apps

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Fiber Broadband: GST Details

All the plan prices mentioned above are exclusive of 18% GST. However, you need to pay an extra 18% GST for any of the plans. Prices of the plans inclusive of 18% GST Extra are mentioned below:

  • Rs. 399 – Rs. 471 incl GST
  • Rs. 499 – Rs. 590 incl GST
  • Rs. 699 – Rs. 825 incl GST
  • Rs. 799 – Rs. 942 incl GST
  • Rs. 999 – Rs. 1179 incl GST
  • Rs. 3999 – Rs. 4719 incl GST

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Akash Ambani Ka Fiber Broadband Plan

The highest plan that Jio offers is Rs. 8499 which offers 1 Gbps speed and some extra data(6600 GB). I feel like this plan is specially curated for Akash Bhai so that he never runs out of data while scrolling through Fb, Instagram. Because I don’t know about you, I would have to apply for a term loan if I would have to recharge Rs. (8499 + GST) around Rs. 11000 for wifi per month.

Fiber Broadband: Long Term Benefits


  • 3 months plans – Free Installation(in selected cities only)
  • 6 months plans – 7.5% Discount
  • 12 months plans – 15% Discount


  • 6 months Recharge – 15 days free
  • 12 months Recharge – 30 days free

On comparing Long Term Benefits, Airtel stands out because Airtel is waiving out 15%. That is Rs. 150 saving on Rs. 1000 plan per month. Total savings in 12 months = 150 * 12, which approximately means you get 45 days free. Whereas in the case of Jio, you only get 30 Days free.

Set-Top Box Confusion For Live TV


Firstly, Jio provide you IPTV Set-Top Box, that is to say, it will require an active internet connection even for watching live TV. It will consume data from your fiber plan only.

Secondly, this Set-Top Box is locked. In other words, you cannot sideload any other app on this.

Thirdly, Most people are thinking of buying the base plan and watch live TV and get rid of the monthly DTH fee. Well! JioTV+ option is enabled in plans above Rs. 999 only.

Moreover, if we talk about Rs. 999 plan, the channel list on that plan is too weak at the moment. Personally speaking, I won’t go for it. Because there are many channels that we often watch that aren’t available on JioTV+ at the moment.


Since Airtel has no security deposit. It is providing Set-Top Box as an extra option, as per your needs. If you wish to buy Airtel Xtreme Set-Top Box, you need to pay Rs. 1500 as a security deposit. There are many terms and conditions imposed on it.

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The biggest difference here is that this is not an IPTV based set-top box, It’s a DTH Set-Top Box. Consequently, there will be the installation of a DTH antenna.

Airtel Unnecessary Charges

Lest take this Jio vs Airtel debate to a whole next level. If you’re thinking that you’ll be watching Live TV in your Airtel Xtreme App Subscription, let me remind you that the Live TV option is enabled only on the mobile versions of the Xtreme App.

Additionally, this set-top box needs to be recharged consecutively for 12 months for Rs. 452/ month, i.e, Rs. 5500 for the first year. Then only, you’ll be able to watch LIve TV. This is not included with the Fiber plans.

Even if you have to watch OTT apps with your own account, then also you’ve to pay a minimum fee of Rs. 153. This is not the case with the Jio, even if you’re using a base plan, then also you can watch OTT apps with your account in Jio Set-Top Box.

In the case of Airtel, if you do not recharge for 12 months, your security deposit of Rs. 1500 will be forfeited.

I hope I was able to show you a major difference between the Set-Top Boxes of both the companies. As a result, you could decide which is best for you – less number of channels that runs on internet Or a DTH connection with some extra charges?

Some Jio Fiber users have reported that there’s quality degradation whether it’s on Youtube, Amazon or Netflix. If you’re a Jio user, then don’t forget to share your experience in the comments down below.

On the other hand, This is not the case with Airtel Set-Top Box. However, the Set-Top Box is slow in operation.

Airtel Ka OTT JholJhaal

Airtel has mentioned that even you’re using plans above Rs. 999, which have OTT content. In addition, You need to purchase Airtel Xtreme Set-Top Box to enjoy OTT subscriptions.

Cheap Marketing Gimmicks

This time, Airtel marketings have gone slightly wrong. They’re marketing a free set-top box, but there are so many restrictions. Jio did the same thing when it launched JioPhone. They had also advertised a free JioPhone if you recall. A refundable security deposit of Rs. 1500 was taken. Likewise, the restriction was that you had to recharge with a minimum plan every month for three years. But, Your security deposit will not be refunded if you do not recharge.

Both companies are using cheap tactics, But I don’t understand why you should state them explicitly before a consumer applies for a refund if there are any terms and conditions.
It absolutely shatters a customer’s trust in the company. Companies, in my opinion, should come forth and disclose terms and conditions at the time of sale itself.

Jio vs Airtel : Download/Upload Speeds

Fiber Broadband now provides Symmetric speed. That is to say, Download Speed = Upload Speed, which was not the case with Jio earlier. Some users were complaining that their upload speeds have not improved yet. Maybe it would take some time as there are so many users at the national level.


Whatever plan you choose in airtel, you will 10-20% more download speed in any plan. For instance, if you opted for a 40 Mbps connection, you’ll easily get 45-50 Mbps. Personally, I am using a 200 Mbps plan, I always get a speed of around 235 Mbps.


Here, it is exactly the opposite of Airtel. Jio is limiting to 90-95% of the speed in any plans. For instance, if you opted for a 30 Mbps connection, you’ll easily get 25 Mbps. That means you will get 5-10 Mbps less speed.


I can say, from my personal experience, that the ping of Airtel is far better. My ping varies from 1-5ms. According to the feedback from Jio users, It somewhere ranges to 20ms.

In terms of Ping/latency, Airtel is far better than Jio.(Personal experience)

Jio Vs Airtel : Which one to choose?

I would suggest that if you’re a heavy internet user – more downloads, good service then you can blindly trust Airtel Xtreme. Because in the last 4 months, I have not seen even a single drop of Mbps. Although it charges Rs. 100-200 more.

And, if you want a budget connection and control over recharge as per your convenience and the OTT bundle attracts you the most. Then you can go for Jio.

Availability Issues

The main problem is with the availability. It’s not the case that if you want Airtel, you can easily opt for Airtel or if you want Jio, you can opt for Jio. It’s totally dependent on availability. Fiber Broadband is not easily available to every society of every city. This is also possible that even your city has Fiber Broadband but it’s not available in your society.

In one year or two, more than 90% of the areas in a city will be having Fiber Broadband ready, in which the Fiber is already launched. If you enquire with the companies, they will simply say that one month, one month. But the actual ground condition is that there are so many requests for Fiber connection that it will take some time in expanding the infrastructure. No one is willing to use copper internet because Ping is the worst, inconsistent speeds.

So, you need to check the availability – which Fiber Broadband is available in your locality? Once you apply for the connection and use it, you would distinguish that it’s worth the money spent.

Hereby, I want to confirm that whatever I have written in this article is my honest opinion. None of the featured brands has paid me. I am a consumer just like you, I just want better service at a value for money price, like any other consumer.

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I will see you in the next blog, till then Stay Safe! Stay Sarcastic.

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