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Samsung Confusing Series Model Names Explained!

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Samsung makes too many damn phones. Buying Samsung mobile phone can be so confusing at times. You all might already know how the numbering system of the Samsung mobiles works. But I had no idea about it. When I was looking for a Samsung Mobile, I got really confused. I am writing this blog for all those guys like me who are too confused about which model or series to go for?

I wanted to buy a mid-range smartphone for casual use. For this, I searched for Samsung on Amazon & Flipkart, There came such a long list – so many different models – so many series, M series, A series, J series, On Series, Z series and S series(which is beyond Mid-ranger). Some models also come with the s edition like M31s.

Then, I went to Samsung official site to get some sorting options. However, A Series alone contains 16 phones, M Series lists 23 phones. Leading to a lot more confusion. So I have tried to make a compilation of which Samsung phone are relevant to buy today and which are not. Which Series to buy? Which model to go for?

Samsung Foldables: Series Z

It is the latest series launched by Samsung. It lists all the foldable-display phones. The range starts from Rs. 85,000. This is a very expensive category. So, we will not cover it in detail.

Samsung Flagships

Note Series

Every year, there comes only two models or a maximum of three in a year. This series is also very common to everyone. Let us not waste time in discussing this.

S series

This series also not lists more than 3 phones in a year. Earlier there used to be only two phone launches, but now they’ve started launching Fan Edition each year.

Now, the main confusion comes from the lower category to Mid-Range Category.

Samsumg Alpha: A series

This series targets those who want features of the S series but the budget is tight. Series A was launched in 2019 with A10, A20S, A70S and A80, which in my opinion, are completely not relevant to buy in 2021.

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In the year 2020, they changed A10, A20S, A70S and A80 to A11, A21S and A51. Changing 0s with the 1s. USP(Unique Selling Proposition) was set to 48MP QuadCam setup with the super AMOLED Display in every A Series Model. From November 2020, they’ve launched four new variants of this Series. Now, swapping other 0s with 1s.

That is to say, changing A11, A21S And A51 To A12, A32, A52 and A72. They’ve also upgraded the 48MP QuadCam setup to a 64MP QuadCam setup, which is common to all the variants of the A-series.

Samsung Millenials: Series M

Samsung launched this particular series just after the J series and On Series faded away. Earlier, the plan was just to launch this series for the online market only. After getting a positive response, they launched the series in the offline market too.

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The naming of this series was quite similar to that of the A-series. If you closely look into the names of the phones launched in 2020 under this series- M01, M01S, M01 CORE, M11, M21, M31, M31S, M31 PRIME and M51. Samsung follows a year-wise basis Nomenclature. In 2021, Like the A-series, the ending 1s are swap by 2s, like M02, M02S and M12. SO, this was the Series M for the Mid-Range audience which doesn’t want to spend more but features a super-AMOLED display.

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Samsung Flipkart Exclusive: Series F

The phones launched under F series will be launched exclusively on Flipkart only and not even in the offline market. If you’re luckily getting it offline, then the seller is also providing you after buying it from the flipkart, with a premium charge of Rs. 500- 1000.

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One thing that I have noticed while going through the details is that Samsung had tied up with Amazon as well as Flipkart in October 2020. Samsung M31 was very popular at that time, which comes with Amazon Prime subscription. On the other hand, They have launched the F series exclusively for Flipkart.

My assumptions is that, (I am not so sure about it), Flipkart would have a very good sales record of Samsung phones, that’s why Samsung has allocated a full series to Flipkart. Whereas It has launched Samsung M31 with Prime Edition, to test the profit of smartphones with Amazon. Samsung M31 also performed really well with the sales number. After which A newer model Galaxy F62 has been launched on Flipkart. In parallel, They have allocated Samsung M12 exclusively to Amazon. This was maybe to see how Amazon performs if a completely different model is sent to sell. There’s chance that if it performs good, Amazon will get a new series exclusively.

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Samsung s Model

The model which get positive response from the audience like M31. After 3-4 months, they launch a revised version/special edition/super edition/ whatever you say, of the same model as the s edition– M31s, with very minute changes. So, the customer feels it as a fresh device.

Now, if you ask me which Samsung phone should you buy today? There are only 7 phones in the upper-Mid-range Segment, 4 phones in A-series, 2 phones in F-series, out of which 2nd one F62, is much better, There are 3 phones only in M-series too. Now, if add them all there are a total of 10 phones to choose from. In this article, we’re not going to discuss recommendations, this article focuses mainly on the weird numbering system of Samsung, so that if you’re looking to buy a Samsung phone then you dont fall for any older model of Samsung due to any confusion.


To sum up, if the model contains trailing 0, like A10, A20, then the model is mfg in 2019. And, if the model is 31,51 and 71 – it is the 2020 model. and at last if it contains 2 like 22, 32 – its 2021 model. I will never recommend buying a model which is more than 6 months old, especially in the case of Samsung. Because it launches newer models every 2 months. I have searched launch dates of around 40 models, then I came to know how Samsung is working. If you want a detailed article on recommendations on the best model of all the series, Kindly comment down below.

That’s it guys for this post, keep an eye out on our website for the latest tech updates!!

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I’ll see you in the next Article, Till then, Stay Safe! Stay Sarcastic!

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