EV has Multiple Issues! Is It Good For the Environment?

Hello everyone, nowadays there are multiple MNCs working on their EVs. It seems that there will be many and many EVs everywhere. But are we ready for EVs? As there are multiple issues with EV, at least in the case of India. So today we’re going to cover almost all the problems and issues with EVs. So let’s get started!

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Environment Consciousness

coal ev problems

In this evolving world of Technology, you might have heard that EVs are much more Environmental Friendly compared to Combustion Vehicles. But is that true? The answer is Yes, but NO as well. NO is because, as you know the majority part of our Electricity is being produced using Coals. If you take a look at ancient trains, they were using coal in their steam engines to run. And the same coal is being used in EVs indirectly. As more the EVs, the more they need for Electricity, which means more use of coals. Also, the high usage of coal for Electricity will result in even more pollution. As you know the other sources such as Water, Air, Solar are not enough for these EVs.

Cost and Battery

battery ev problems

The current price of EVs is much higher when we compare them with combustion vehicles. Only because of Subsidies, people were considering it. In terms of battery life, no one can tell that how long it can last. We can only say about the battery life when we’ve experienced it. Also, when it turns to replacing the battery, we have to pay almost 20-50% cost of the Vehicle.

Universal Chargers

The petrol or diesel vehicles have a universal method which fills fuel in these vehicles, whether the vehicle is of India or any other country in the world. But the same doesn’t apply to EVs. Each EV manufacturer uses different charging technology to charge their cars. So it isn’t necessary that every charger can charge your EV properly. If we look even at the National level, the chargers should be compatible with almost every EV present in the market, so there should be a proper infrastructure for charging EVs.

charger ev problems

To give an example, there’s a Highway joining Delhi to Chandigarh. According to the authorities, that’s an EV-ready highway. It has multiple charging stations just like fuel pumps. But these chargers even can’t charge India’s most selling EV “TATA Nexon”. Also, the charging tech of MG and TATA is almost similar, which means the majority of the EVs were not supported there (as of 2021).

Temperature Issues

In terms of combustion engines, there wasn’t such an issue of temperature. But in terms of EVs, the temperature should be between 15-45˚C. As per the reports, if the temperature is crossing those limits, then there are high chances that the range will reduce. It will also result in slow charging speeds. And, if you turn on the heater while traveling in winters, then the range can be reduced up to 40%. So if you’re driving your EV in the Summer or winter, then you will definitely face some performance issues.

Old Electricity Infrastructure

Even if there are two EVs in a house, then the consumer has to increase the supply of Electricity to their connection. When we see this on a National basis, then there will be a huge increase in demand for Electricity. Because of the high demand for electricity, there are very strong chances that the prices of electricity will increase. And if there’s a power cut of more than 6hrs, then the EVs will become toys when you are in an emergency.

First-gen Product

Whenever a manufacturer launches their EVs, they treat the first batch of buyers as their beta testers. From which they can test their product for any issues. Then they launch the 2nd gen model of the same with all the improvements. Recently, an E-scooter from “PURE EV” has caught fire. Even very big MNCs such as Hyundai, Ford, etc. are recalling their EVs.

This is happening as the MNCs want to capture the highest market share for their EVs. Because of this, there are unfinished products. They are launching their products without doing much research & development, just to join the race of highest market cap.


If you look at the trending Ola S1 Pro, it’s priced at approximately Rs.1,30,000. But if there is not any kind of subsidy, then the price can go up to Rs.2,00,000. Currently, the Central and State Government is providing the subsidy. But the major amount of the Subsidy is coming up from Central Government. In terms of State Government subsidies, each and every state have their own policies for subsidies. So what if 3yrs later Governments stop giving subsidies, then would you prefer buying an Ola S1 Pro for more than Rs.2,00,000?


mechanic for ev

In today’s scenario, you may know that if you have a combustion vehicle, in any kind of issue you can take it to your nearest mechanic. As this technology is the most used and common in India, so almost all mechanics in India can fix the combustion vehicle. But in the case of EVs, there’s no chance. Only the Manufacturer’s mechanic can fix EVs, any other mechanic won’t even touch the car. So you don’t have any other option in EV against sending your car to the Official Service center and paying bills.

Power Hungry Tech

Last but not the least, the Power Hungriness of EVs is also a common issue among all the EVs. The manufacturers are focussing on making bigger battery packs, instead of making efficient EVs. This means almost all the technologies, features in EVs were exactly the same as combustion vehicles. If the manufacturer focuses on making battery efficient systems for EVs, then we can expect a much better range in EVs.

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