Amazon Fire TV Stick HD 2020 Vs Lite Vs 4K Vs NEW Launched 2021! All Compared!


Hi everyone, today we will discuss which Amazon Fire TV stick we should get? There are 3 to 4 different fire TV sticks available. There are almost no differences between these firesticks. Additionally, their prices are almost the same. They even share the same remote. In this case, everyone might be confused about which option to choose. Since there are almost the same options available on Amazon at almost the same price.

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Today, we’ll talk about all the fire TV sticks available on Amazon. We will discuss their differences and features. After reading this guide, you will be able to decide which one to buy. Today we will be comparing Fire TV Stick 2020 vs the Fire Stick 4K 2020 vs Fire TV Stick lite vs Fire TV Stick 2021.

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Fire Stick lite vs Fire Stick 2020

Except for two things, the specifications of the sticks were almost the same. 

Both of the fire sticks have 8 GB of storage. Both have one GB of RAM and a 1.7 GHz quad-core CPU. The sticks can stream in 1080p, Full HD resolution. Both support HDR, HDR 10, HDR 10+, and HLG. They also support dual-band WiFi. Even the inbox contents of both Fire TV Sticks are the same.

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Both of them have the same remote control. They differ in the following ways:

  • The lite’s remote does not have control for HDMI CEC. HDMI CEC allows you to control your TV with the remote of the Fire TV stick. You will need to use the remote of both your TV and TV stick in this case.
  • Second, the lite does not support HDMI passthrough Dolby Audio. Most smart TVs and TV boxes have this feature. To use Dolby Audio, your OTT platform and your Speaker system both should support it.

When we talk about the price of both the TV sticks, the lite is priced at ₹2,999. But sometimes in deals, we can get it at ₹2,300 only. And the fire TV stick is priced at ₹3,999. but we can get it around ₹2800 sometimes in offers. So if you think that you should pay ₹500 to just control your TV with your Fire TV stick remote. Also, if you want to pay ₹500 more to enjoy Dolby Audio support, then you can. It depends on you.

Fire Tv Stick 4K vs Fire Tv Stick

The first and biggest difference between both the fire TV sticks is, The fire stick 4K can play in 4K Ultra HD at 60 fps.

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But there’s a twist in this as to play 4K videos we need 4K TV as well as 4K streaming service. For example, if you are playing Alt Balaji but there is not an option to play 4K streams on Alt Balaji. So all of your videos will play on 1080P. And suppose if you are watching Netflix, Netflix has the support of 4K then you can stream in 4K.

So we should have to ensure that our TV and our streaming service supports 4K.

Upgrading To a 4K TV in Future?

If you think you buy 4K sticks now as you have an HD TV and whenever you upgrade to 4K TV in the future you will use them. That is total, a waste of money because all the new TVs coming are already as smart TV so you don’t need a 4K TV Stick.

Rather than 4K, we also get Dolby Vision support with a 4K variant. Dolby Vision is the next generation of HDR. To use Dolby Vision, you should have a Dolby Vision-enabled TV.

The price difference between both of the Fire TV sticks is almost ₹2000. The price of a Fire TV stick without any deal is off ₹4000. But we can get it at ₹2800 sometimes in deals. And the 4K variant is priced at ₹6000. But sometimes in deals, we get it at ₹4000. If you have a 4K TV, most of the chances are that the 4K TVs are smart TVs most of the time. But if you have a TV from LG, Sony, Samsung who have their own OS installed in their TVs, then you can buy a 4k variantfor a good experience.

Fire Tv Stick vs Fire Tv Stick 2021

The first difference between both of them is 2021 edition is 50% faster than the 2020 edition. (as claimed by Amazon)

The second difference is they added 4 preset buttons on the remote of the 2021 edition. Preset Buttons such as a specific button for Amazon Prime, Amazon Prime Music, and Netflix. And the fourth preset button can be configured to open any OTT service you want.

Fire TV Stick
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Rather than the things mentioned above, there is not any difference between both of the TV sticks. Both are exactly the same.


In conclusion, we say if you do not have a fast & unlimited Internet connection as well as a 4k TV, then there is no need of buying a 4k TV Stick and wasting your ₹6000.

Same with the HD edition. If you do not have a Dolby Atmos-enabled speaker, then you should not buy it.

But if you want, you can buy the lite version. It is too much better & cheaper than any of its versions. 

That’s it for today’s blog, guys. If you are using a fire TV stick, please leave your experience in the comments below. Visit our website for reading more interesting blogs like this. Subscribe to the Sarcastic Sindhi YouTube channel. We will meet in the next blog. 

Until then, Stay Safe Stay Sarcastic.

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