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HaLow WiFi

Hey there! We are back with another blog. Have you ever thought what if your WiFi range will be up to a km? Yes, you read that right. There’s a new innovation in WiFi technology. Today we are going to discuss this Technology. So let’s get started!

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HaLow WiFi

HaLow WiFi technology is certified by the WiFi alliance. They have been permitted to produce hardware and soon it will be commercially available. Also, whoever wants to use this technology, has to pay a royalty to the developer of HaLow.


HaLow works on 1GHz tech, whereas currently, we are using 2.4GHz and 5GHz. As we know less the frequency, lesser the speeds but higher the coverage. So, HaLow has a range of more than a km, but the speeds were much and much lower.

What is the need of it?

You might be thinking that if it has fewer speeds, then why it is developed? The main motive of this tech is for IoT devices. As we know, nowadays almost every gadget in our home and offices have WiFi connectivity for extra functionalities. IoT devices are increasing day by day. In near future, every device will have WiFi functionality.

Just like other WiFi techs, the advantage of this technology is it is backward compatible. This means the devices we have will support it.

The power consumption is much higher in the 5GHz band. But it has very little power consumption.  

The maximum number of active users with it can be up to 8000/AP (Access Point). With this, it seems very sensible while installing free WiFi in public places. Also, if the government wants to promote free WiFi, they can opt for this technology. Imagine you have a Smartwatch with GPS connectivity. In this case, without WiFi, your smartwatch will not be functional. So it is also usable there itself. And there is n number of features that are accessible once we have this technology.

If multiple IoTs connected with it, does it affect the speed?

The clear one-word answer is NO. Because the IoT devices do not have that power consumption like smartphones or PCs. Speed requirement of these is only up to some MBs in exceptional cases, else the speed will be more than enough for all the devices.

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