5g Phone In Mid-2021? Worth Paying Extra For It Now?


Should you consider a 5G phone in mid-2021? Worth paying extra for it now?


If you’re going to buy a phone in mid-2021, should you consider a 5G phone?  Do you have to pay extra for it? As you think 5G is the most important as well as a deciding factor of a phone.  Or going with a 4G Smartphone?

Smartphone buying guide of mid-2021.


Why all the smartphone manufacturers bring a smartphone with a technology, which is coming in near future?

  1. The First and most important thing for them is to gain HYPE. The more the HYPE of a product, the more the market value of it. For Example, As an INDIAN you might know almost a year ago there’s a HYPE of 5G. Everyone is talking about it. Even everyone has decided to pay extra on that time for just 5G. And seeing this opportunity two brands even launched the first two 5G Smartphones of India.
  2. The Second is that they get free beta testers of their hardware. Free Beta Testers? When people buy a 5G phone in India then they can give feedback on their hardware. In terms of feedback, they can tell if there’s any speed loss. Or if there’s any weak network issue. Also if it doesn’t work properly. We can also say, that they’re preparing themselves for the upcoming technology.

Till the technology is new for a country, they charge too much cost for it.

And when the technology comes to mainstream, they lower their prices. Because when the technology comes to mainstream, then it starts a lot of adoption. Also, the manufacturers of the same technology increase a lot. By this, the production increases simultaneously, thus lower the prices.


If you are a consumer, then there are two ways for you:

  1. Pay extra for a 5G Smartphone and become future proof. “Future Proof” is because ultimately the 5G is coming to India, If not now then 6 months later. Even if not after 6 Months, also then 1 year later.
  2. Payless and get a 4G Smartphone, and save money. As there’s not any name of 5G that when it’s coming.

To clear out this, you should know some facts:

  • The first two 5G smartphones of India, were launch almost 1.5 years ago. One of them was “Realme X50 Pro 5G” they promote it heavily for its 5G capabilities.
  • After that there’s entry of a new Smartphone Brand “IQOO”. They launched their “IQOO 3 5G” smartphone.
  • But when we talk about the last 6-9 months. In this period, almost all the brands start to bring their 5G smartphones to India.

    For Example,
  • OnePlus starts with “OnePlus 8 Pro and Nord”. They’ve launched OnePlus 8 Pro for Rs.65,000 and provided only 2 5G bands in it.
Now, we know all these smartphones except OP Nord, which costs more than Rs.50,000.

So, we mean that a phone which was launch at more than a price of Rs.50,000. And they promote it only for its 5G capabilities. Won’t they be outdated? For Example, its camera, battery, fast charging, performance, etc. Even there’s too much price drop for those Smartphones. For Example, Mi 10T Pro is now available at Flipkart for around Rs.35,000. There are better smartphones available today than one year ago. Even in between Rs.25-35k.

By all of this we can say that “cost” is directly proportional to “HYPE”.



The more the HYPE, the more the cost. The technology which is in demand, the brands are charging a lot more by only that technology. A year ago, when there’s a lot of 5G’s hype then they’ve launched smartphones. Over Rs.50,000 only just for the tag of 5G on their smartphone. As by the time the Hype of 5G in India is decreasing, they bring more affordable 5G smartphones to India.

Also, there’s only two telco’s that’s planning to bring 5g to India.

  1. Jio- Jio has announced to bring 5G to India in the second half of 2021.
  2. Airtel-  Airtel has even demonstrated and testing its 5G network in Hyderabad.
But there is not any information from V! or BSNL whether they’re planning to bring 5G in India.

Also, the Govt. of India has scheduled the 5G spectrum auctions for September 2021. So that we can expect the rollout of 5G will start from December, or probably early 2022. But there’s a rumor that Govt. of India might postpone the 5G spectrum auctions from September 2021 to early 2022. If this is true then we can expect the 5G rollout will start near the 2nd quarter of 2022. Even in a report from TRAI, they state that they’re expecting 5G to be rolling out in early 2022. Not before that.


By this, we can understand that even the 5G bands don’t sell and we’re buying a 5G phone. Does this make any sense to you? Even if you buy a cheap phone only for the tag of “5G”, you’ll get very poor specifications in it. Poor means very poor processor, poor camera, poor display, etc. And save some money and invest it in 4G phone. As we’re getting better specifications than a 5G phone in 4G phone. Even when the 5G comes then we could enjoy true 4G speeds, which we aren’t enjoying now. Yes, there’s a huge increment in 4G speeds as the 5G comes.

Now with this, we can say, we can run a 4G smartphone for a year. You might be wondering what about later? The answer is, Are you sure that even after one year 5G is available to your location? Because you might know that in India there’re two many places where the 4G doesn’t work properly. If you’re up to date in Tech, then you may be knowing the fact that the 5G have weak signals. Compared to 4G. Much-Much weaker signals. Until unless if you live in tier 1 cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Banglore, Jaipur, etc. Also if you’re living in an area where technologies come first. If so, then you can buy a 5G phone.

But if it’s even one year late then you’ll feel your phone outdated. As we saw in the case of IQOO and Realme.

For Example,

If someone has paid Rs.40,000 while buying Realme X50 Pro 5G, paying this much only for 5G. But now his all money will lose its value as it got outdated a lot. Same if you buy a phone only for 5G now then also your money will lose its value a lot.

And we’re a consumer and we need only one thing “VALUE FOR MONEY”. And we would only get this value if we cover all the points, not only “5G”. So we should wait or buy a 4G phone and save a lot of money.

When we see from Bird’s eye then there’s not any problem in buying a 5G phone. But buying a phone only for 5G then you should not buy a 5G phone.

And if you have already decided to buy a 5G phone. Then you should only consider some upper category smartphones such as:

  1. SAMSUNG S21 series.
  2. Apple iPhone 12 series.
So that you’ll not compromise on other specifications.

Except for all this, there’s also a fact that, are you going to use 5G only? As we know the 5G will have more expensive data packs, Until-Unless it adopts by users widely. You might use it for experiencing its speeds. But would you pay for it that much? Is it going to be pocket-friendly like 4G? But if you think you’ll pay much and get a flagship 5G smartphone. And also ready to pay for expensive data packs. Then you must go with a 5G phone. Otherwise, it doesn’t make any sense.

Bahut 5G- 5G ho gaya. Itna to Apple ne bhi iPhone 12 launch karte hue nahi bola hoga????????????????.
That’s all for today in this article . Comment down and let me know what are your views on 5G technology in mid of 2021? are you going to buy your next 5G smartphone or you will stick to 4G only ? Il meet you in the next article , untill then
Stay Safe and as always Stay Sarcastic ! !

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