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Today we’ll be listing down the 7 Best Android App for increasing productivity. In today’s digital world, being productive is not easy. You have to be efficient, digitally active & connected and mentally stress-free. We have kept all of this in mind before creating this list and have found out the best of the best apps in different genres, and all of these apps will directly help you to increase your productivity.

This is one of our first list of products/apps. If you want to see more such briefly explained to-the-point lists, do let us know below in the comments. We know this style of lists is old fashioned, but we promise to keep our lists as precise as possible, unlike others.

So keeping in mind the promise we made in the above paragraph, let’s head to our today’s list of best productivity centric apps.

Solid Explorer File Manager

This is just a normal file explorer with uncommon features. It can be used as a regular file manager by a casual user, but it also facilitates many other features such as enhanced security, a huge variety of cross-medium connectivity options and a very cheap premium plan for an ad-free version with extra perks too. It even has a seamless & very easy to use FTP interface, which we have discussed previously.

If you want to learn more about FTP Server or need a guide to make your own FTP Server, check out our previous video on YouTube or go to our blog…..

solid explorer app install page
android apps
android apps

Download (Android)

Tickertape – Indian Stocks Analysis & Forecasts

Already an investor in stocks, or a wannabe Big Bull? Tickertape is for you. This is a one-stop place to spectate the stock market. It is a swiss-army knife for stock investing, with features packed in it such as informative blogs, live reports, categorizations & one of its main highlights ‘Market Mood Index’. As its name suggests, this index shows whether the market is greedy or in fear.

tickertape app install page
android apps
android apps

Download (Android)

Dashlane Password Manager

This is one of the most trusted and famous password managers in India. We register our IDs & passwords on hundreds of websites and apps online. Each of them demands a different pattern. Some require special characters, some do not even allow special characters. Dashlane provides various services like a password generator that creates unique passwords according to these site’s requirements. It also remembers these passwords while giving auto-fill functionality in the browser by just adding an extension. Most of us save our passwords in Chrome for free, but no one can testify to their credibility since it is a free service. And when you pay, you are ensured security. Dashlane’s plan prices are surprisingly low too, keeping in mind Indian consumers.

dashlane app install page

Download (Android)

Your Phone Companion – Link to Windows

This is a straight out answer to Apple’s Ecosystem by Windows. This android app lets you sync all your mobile device’s notifications, messages, call logs, gallery directly to your PC. It even lets you call through your PC. Though it is a good step towards building an equally competitive and innovative ecosystem to compete with Apple, there are still many factors where Windows lacks. We do have some hopes from Windows 11 in reducing the gap between our Android device and Windows PC.

your phone app install page

Download (Android) [It usually comes pre-installed in Windows. If it is not already installed on your device download from here]

Alarmy – Morning Alarm Clock

By its name, it might look that it is JUST A NORMAL alarm clock that you already have on your phone. But this is not what you think like. Alarmy is an alarm clock that will surely wake you up, no matter how much Kumbhkaran you are. First of all, it has a wide range of very very loud ringtones which are extremely annoying (this is exactly what we need).

Additionally, it also has a very unique feature in which you have to prove to the app that you are awake. Yes, you read it right. Alarmy has few missions which you have to complete immediately after waking to stop the alarm. These missions include walking a preset amount of steps, shaking the phone, solving a maths problem, doing squats, scanning the QR/Barcode of a product which is usually placed near your bed, typing a sentence and much more.

This android app will definitely wake you up (at least the chances will be increased)

[Personal Experience – But But But… Alarmy is not 100% effective. I downloaded the app, and for the first month it was nice and all, but a month later my mind became used to that high pitched noise too. Isliye kuch logon ko uthana mushkil hi nahi, namumkin hai. If you are one of those people, do comment down with #kumbhkarangang]

alarmy app install page

Download (Android)

Notion – Notes, Tasks, Wikis

This is basically a digital records & note keeper. Even though there are already very good options like Google Keep for this purpose, but this android app is 2-steps ahead of all of them. It takes creativity, ease of working, organising of tasks, & connectivity to the next level. This has 100s of already created templates ranging from one for blogging to preparing a school syllabus. It allows you to manage your work team too. You can easily share all your notes or creations with your friends or teammates for reviews.

Download (Android)

Pixel Thoughts – Reduce Stress, Calm & Relaxations

Mental health has rooted as one of the biggest rivals in the 21st century. Taking small precautionary steps to prevent it from prevailing is the best method to be safe. When we store a problem or an unwanted moment or thought in our mind, it starts affecting our mental health. The best way to remove these thoughts and problems permanently we just have to be positive about the problem. Pixel Thoughts lets you do the same. It asks you to write what is bothering you and then soothingly it makes the problem disappears. We actually can’t express the relaxation one feels through words.

Thus we highly recommend you all to once go and check out this app. You can also visit their website.

pixel thoughts app install page

Download (Android)

Experience (Website)

Hope you all liked this short & useful list without any faltu gyaan list. Share this article with others and do let us know in the comment box below which category do you want the next list to be.

[Disclaimer: None of the above-mentioned apps and websites is sponsored in any way. We just curated this list based on our recommendations for our audience to benefit from these apps. We do not back these apps and are in no way related to them and what they offer.]

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Till then Stay Safe, Stay Sarcastic!

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