Be Safe From These Scams! New Age Scams 2021

Hello everyone, in 2021 the graph of scams and frauds has crossed the limits over past years. In this blog, we will discuss the top 5 “New Age Scams in 2021”. It is too much necessary for us to be aware of these scams. So let’s start with the blog!

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New Age Scams 2021

Dating Apps

There are multiple dating apps available openly on the Internet. India has millions of people for those who are searching for someone. Almost every smartphone user uses social media platforms. These platforms have so many cheap ads which attract so many users. Ads saying “I want to talk to you”, “I am in your city”, “you will enjoy”, etc.

Many of the singles came up in the trap of these sites. These sites send fake messages to those trapped people. The victim thinks that the profile is genuine so he continues the conversation. When the victim tries to message, then there comes a twist. The site asks for some payment to continue the conversation. And as the victim is unknown that these messages were from bots in 90% of cases, they pay the money.

In greed, the victim thinks of a video call, then the site asks for more money for a video call. In some cases, it might be possible because there are some companies that are hiring girls just for their apps. The girls have been asked to engage the victim as much as they can, to get maximum money from the victim.


In most cases, all of this is completely fake. All the messages were sent by the bots. Although, there are some sites that are genuine. But you should know that all of this is being done for money only. So be aware of the scam of dating apps.

Instant Loan

Today, for a very small task we are dependent on apps. There are apps available for almost everything we wanted to do. There is n number of apps available, which are promising for giving loan in the shortest interval. 90% of these apps were illegal, government doesn’t have any kind of control over them. Because of this, the sky is the limit for the interest they charge on the loans they give.

The interest rates are up to 100% on the loans with these apps. Also, if you don’t repay them on time or do not return the complete amount, these apps have literally hired some hooligan, hectors. The hooligans, hectors can even come up at your home to get their money back and even threaten you.

These apps even have investments from Chinese investors. The Chinese investors found this a great opportunity for them in the scenario of the pandemic, many lose their jobs and were in need of money. So think twice before getting a loan from these sites. As some people even lost their lives when they didn’t pay on time.

Amazon Drug Scam

A seller named “Babu Tex” was registered on the famous e-commerce site Amazon. The Amazon doesn’t process any kind of screening, so it’s completely unknown what’s inside it. They are supplying drugs from Vishakhapatnam in Amazon Packages to Bhind, Madhya Pradesh. The drugs were listed as curry leaves on Amazon.

Ten workers were caught at BHIND. Most probable they were the paddlers, which are supplying the drugs in further areas. Amazon has a commission on every product listed on its panel. So the interesting part is that we can say that Amazon was also involved in all this.

Amazon Scam

Amazon is covering more than 15000 pin codes PAN India. Out of which, they only discovered a single. In this case, there are some possibilities of weapons are also supplied.

Tech Support Scam

This scam is one of the oldest and still be successful in 2021. If you see people at most who are more than 45yrs old, they are currently not able to adapt to the technology. The scammers mostly attack these kinds of users.

What happens is they are able to convince the victims. They say your card will be expired, your account will be locked, etc., and somehow convince the victims. Somehow they convince the victims to pay the amount to the scammer.

According to some reports, there are around 200,000 cases that are just registered. Many of the victims even doesn’t complain about the scam that happened to them, just because of their overthinking of shyness in their society. If 10 victims were tried getting scammed, out of them surprisingly 7 were scammed on an average.

Scam cc

Online Courses Scam

There are some people who are finding jobs for money in this pandemic. In this, there are multiple online courses such as affiliate marketer, digital marketer, bla bla bla. They promise that you will earn more than 600000 even 800000 rupees. Their Rs.20000 course is available at Rs.2000 for us. That course seller doesn’t want money from their earnings with digital marketing. Instead, they want money from their courses.

You should not that you have to take your stand as there are already big players of this field present with their big names. If you really wanted to be in this field, then you have to do multiple research for it. It’s not that easy as shown by them.

That’s all for this blog. Hope you will be aware and do not get trapped in these scams. Check out our website and subscribe to our newsletter and channel for more stuff. Stay tuned for the next article, dropping soon! Until then,

Stay Safe Stay Sarcastic

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