Earn in Lockdown – 5 Ways u can bag a lot of money from home !

earn money in lockdown

Today I am gonna tell you ways to earn in lockdown. Yes you read that right. You can earn lots of money while being at home in this lockdown. You can make your free time productive and be able to have unlimited cash inflow!! Ahh Not really unlimited but yeah you can earn a decent amount of money.

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Freelancing is a really easy way to earn quick money. You can earn by whatever you like do and are good at for example editing, graphic designing, coding etc (end of thinking capacity).

There are namely two great sites for freelancing work.

You can make your free accounts on both of these websites and start your work and let the cash flow beginnnnn!!!!!

Selling Photos

You can also earn money by selling your clicked photos!

Yes you heard… sorry Read it right you can sell your own clicked awesome photos which you upload on social media for money!

For this you will have to make an account on

Create your free account and start earning! 🙂

Filling surveys

This is the easiest of them all because you just only have to fill surveys upon your interests to earn quick money.

Finally there is someone who care about your opinion and they are paying you for that too lol. ????

So the website for this is

Go to the website and start giving your opinions to whom it matters!

Online tutoring

This is for those who love teaching!

You can upload your full course on these websites and can earn money whenever any student accesses your course!

Earn in Lockdown by Writing jobs

You can earn by writing articles in your free time (like I am earning by writing this article ????).

All you have to do is go to this website called and create your free account and just start writing according to demand!

That’s all for this blog guys! Hope you enjoyed it and found it valuable.

If you start earning lot of money through these don’t forget to donate us some money too! ????

Just kidding! ????

Thank you for reading.

Stay Safe, Stay happy and Stay Sarcastic!!

Written by sarcasticsindhi

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