Crypto Or Stocks?? Where should you invest?


Crypto or Stocks Surely one question has crossed your mind, “Which investment is better: crypto or stocks?”, or “Should I put my money into cryptos?”. The purpose of this article today is to clear up any confusion regarding where you should invest.

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Investments have always been a hotly debated topic. So let’s examine stocks and cryptos side by side by running through the advantages and disadvantages of both.

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Price Determination

In fact, crypto is very different from stocks. You invest in real companies when you purchase stocks. They have publicly disclosed their financials, including what they are working on and where their money is going.


When you buy crypto, you’re just buying coins. The coin only has value if somebody else is willing to buy it. It is harder to gauge future values since there is not as much public information as there is for stocks.

Volatility of Crypto and Stocks

Stock Existence

The stock market has existed for many years. The BSE was founded in 1875 and was the very first stock exchange in Asia. However, the BSE became the first stock exchange recognized by the Indian government under the Securities Contracts Regulation Act on 31 August 1957. Experts have learned a lot over the years about how to spot and predict trends due to the stock market’s long history. Even so, predicting the market isn’t easy. 

A penny stock investor will see a lot of volatility, more than a person holding low cost index funds such as Nifty 50 or Sensex. Due to the fact that Nifty index fund allows you to invest in the top 50 companies of India in one investment, in case one company crashes, then all the others will fill in the void, causing less market volatility.

Due to its volatility, it is possible to make a lot of money very quickly. There is no doubt that it is exciting. In the stock market, there are investments that fit everyone’s risk tolerance and goals.

Crypto Existence

On the other hand, crypto emerged after the financial crisis of 2008. There isn’t much history to look back on. Since most of us are experiencing this for the first time, price movements are extremely unpredictable. The future may bring better predictions when we have more data to draw from.

The crypto space also sees a lot of pump-and-dump. An investor can buy a lot of a particular coin. It appears online that the investment is a good one. Consequently, prices rise. Once they have reached the peak, they can simply sell, aka dump the coin. Resulting in a crash that costs a lot of people’s money.

There are two main reasons for this. As a first step, anyone can design their own coin without much approval. Contrary to stock, this is exactly the opposite.

Second, the market capitalization. It is the total value of the coins in circulation. Many new cryptocurrencies have very small block sizes, so ad campaigns can manipulate the value much easier in the short run. 

Crypto currency is clearly more volatile than stocks, but you don’t have to worry if you pick your investments carefully. It is possible to earn a lot of money.

How Easy To Invest in Crypto and Stocks

Getting started on any investment is important, because if it’s too difficult, people won’t  bother. In the past, the stock market has been very difficult to access.

Previously, you had to find a stockbroker to handle your trades. In recent years, this has changed, with apps like Zerodha and Groww you can invest and learn at the same time. 

In the beginning, cryptocurrency was also very hard to obtain. Many people wish they had bought Bitcoin earlier. But people couldn’t purchase it since there wasn’t a website or app.

Long Term Potential

Investing should always take into account the long-term potential of the investment. Experts recommend long-term stock holdings. 

It is well-known that the Indian stock markets have grown in value over time. Imagine you invested Rs 10000 in 2000 into an index fund for Nifty 50. You would have Rs 1,03,204.46 if you had kept all of your money in the market. A stunning return of “1032.04%”.

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Stock markets, despite brief dips, always seem to recover with enough time to spare.

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It isn’t so clear what cryptocurrency’s future holds. We can gain a lot from cryptocurrencies. It is often viewed as a store of value, like gold. Since there are only 21 million coins available, the price will increase as more Bitcoin is bought than is sold, shrinking the supply and increasing the demand. 

Cryptocurrencies are the future. Various other crypto projects are also competing against one another. It may not be a question of whether or not crypto will succeed, but which crypto will succeed?

Conclusion – Crypto or Stocks

Crypto investing is really popular with young investors, but neglecting the stock market is not a good idea. There are pros and cons to each. There’s no need to make a choice, though. 

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You can have a portion of your portfolio dedicated to crypto. The remaining balance can be invested in stocks or other assets. Investing this way also provides you with the benefit of diversification. There is a bit more risk, but you are also exposed to potentially explosive returns. However, it is crucial that you invest a sum that will not stress you out if you lose. You don’t have to choose between the two. In the end, it all depends on your age and how long you can afford to take on financial risk. 

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