Ola vs Activa! Let’s See WHICH Scooter saves Money! Feat. S1 Pro, 6G

Ola vs activa

Hello everyone, are you going to buy a scooter and use it for more than 5 years? Are you unable to decide between buying Activa or Ola electric scooter? We have got a Cost analysis between Ola vs Activa. In this, we are going to compare the running prices and maintenance costs of both the scooters. Also, you will get your answer for buying an electric scooter for the future. So let’s get started!

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Ola vs Activa!

First of all, we all know that an Ola S1 Pro is a battery-operated scooter. Whether Activa is a combustion engine scooter. So when we talk about petrol or electricity prices there is little difference in every state of India. When we saw the price of Activa 6g in Delhi it is priced at ₹70000(ex-showroom). After adding all the taxes to the ex-showroom price it is approximately around ₹82,000(excluding accessories).


The Ola S1 Pro is priced at ₹1,30,000(ex-showroom). Delhi government gives ₹20000 of subsidy on that price, show the price of the scooter will be ₹1,10,000. Since there is not any cost of RTO or registration but there is the cost for insurance which is approximately ₹5000. Overall it cost ₹1,15,000(excluding accessories).

Ola S1 Pro
Running Cost

When we compared their running cost, the Activa 6g gives approximately 40km/l of range. On average the petrol costs ₹100/l. This means the Activa 6g runs at ₹2.5/km.

Talking about the Ola S1 Pro, it has a 3.97kWh Battery pack. According to Ola S1, it can give a range of up to 181km, but let’s consider it as 150km. It will take 4kWh of electricity for a complete charge. The average price of electricity is ₹10, show the final price of charging a battery completely will be around ₹40. This means it costs only 25p/km.

On average the Indian uses approximately runs the scooter for 8000km/year. Also, we know that the price of electricity and petrol will not be stable so on average we at 10% of the year on year growth on their prices. So the Activa 6g will cost for running it for 5 years-

  • 1st Year – ₹20,000.
  • 2nd Year- ₹22,000.
  • 3rd Year- ₹24,200.
  • 4th Year- ₹26,620.
  • 5th Year- ₹29,282.
  • Total- ₹1,22,000.

On the same basis, the cost of running the Ola S1 Pro is as follows-

  • 1st Year – ₹2,133.
  • 2nd Year- ₹2,300.
  • 3rd Year- ₹2,500.
  • 4th Year- ₹2,750.
  • 5th Year- ₹3,025.
  • Total- ₹12,675.
Maintenance Cost

Talking about the maintenance cost of Activa 6G, on average an Indian user spends two times a year for its maintenance. Oil and filter change and all small bits cost up to ₹1,500 to ₹2,000 for one time. This means on average we spend ₹3,000 on Activa for its maintenance. And repeating the process for five years will approximately cost ₹15,000.

As of now, there isn’t any confirmation of the maintenance cost of the Ola S1 Pro. But for reference, we will take the Ather’s costs. The Ather charges approximately ₹3500/year for maintaining the scooter in which they will time to time check the scooter for any fault in the scooter. For 5 years it will cost ₹17,500.

After running the scooter for 5 years definitely, it will demand a battery replacement. For reference will again take the Ather’s prices. It will cost approximately ₹50,000 or less after 5 years for replacement on the basis of Ather. So the total service cost will be ₹67,000, whether the Activa only costs ₹15,000.

ev battery
Summing the Costs

After adding all the costs including maintenance and running costs to the base price of Activa-

  • ON-Road Price- ₹81,000.
  • Running Cost- ₹1,22,000.
  • Maintenance- ₹15,000.
  • Total- ₹2,18,000.

Whether the final price (including running, maintenance, battery) of Ola S1 Pro will sum as-

  • ON-Road Price- ₹1,15,000.
  • Running Cost- ₹12,675.
  • Maintenance- ₹67,500.
  • Total- ₹1,95,000.

So the difference between running both the scooter for 5 years is only ₹23,000. After 5 years of usage, you have changed the battery pack of your Ola S1 Pro. So now you are going to use it furthermore. This means you have to give very less amount when compared to giving the prices of daily raising petrol.

Long-term Usage (8 Years)

If we use them for 8 years, then it will make an actual difference. The overall cost of running Activa 6g 3 years more will be ₹1,15,000. Whether the Ola will only cost ₹21,000 for running it more. And the total cost of running both the scooters for 8 years will be-

  • Activa 6G- ₹3,33,000.
  • Ola S1 Pro- ₹2,16,000.

In both cases, you are paying very well for maintaining both scooters. Also, do note that there are not any tyre, brake pads like stuff’s costs included. This is because it will be almost the same in both scooters. So the money you will save while buying Ola S1 Pro over Activa 6G and using it for 8 years will be ₹1,17,000. So in this comparison of Ola vs Activa, the Ola wins!

If you are thinking of a subsidy, that it is not available in your state, less ₹20000 from the savings which will be ₹97000. This means still you can save almost a lac rupees.


In conclusion, we would say that the Ola vs Activa 6g, Activa will be a better option if you don’t care about the cost. This is because whenever you get out of petrol out of range you can easily feel it as there are millions of petrol filling stations. But in terms of EV, you have to charge it at your home or wait for at least six months to get the EV chargers to start to deploy like petrol pumps. But still, if you buy then you will save a lot of money. Also, you will get some crazy features with the Ola S1 Pro. And you do not have that much of a run every day, then definitely you can get Ola S1 Pro.

That’s it guys for today’s blog. If we have missed out on any point then you can tell us in the comments below. You can also check out our website and YouTube channel for more. We’ll meet in the next blog. Until then, Stay Safe Stay Sarcastic!

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