Google Pixel Users Can Now Disable Air Quality Alerts!

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Google has released a new update for its Google Pixel smartphones that allows users to turn off air quality alerts. The feature, originally introduced in the Android 12 developer preview, provides users with real-time information about the air quality in their area. The air quality data is gathered through the phone’s sensors and is displayed in the form of a “pollution score” that ranges from “good” to “very poor.”

While the feature has been well-received by many users, some have complained that the alerts can be distracting and disruptive. In response to these complaints, Google has added an option to disable the alerts in the latest update. To turn off the alerts, users can go to the phone’s settings menu and navigate to the “Device” section. Under the “Device” section, users will find a “Sensors” sub-menu. In the Sensors sub-menu, users will find the option to turn off air quality alerts.

The update includes other new features and improvements, including better battery performance and camera quality. The camera improvements include new shooting modes and the ability to capture 4K video at 60 frames per second. Google has also improved the phone’s night mode feature, which allows users to take better low-light photos.

The new update is available for all Google Pixel smartphones, including the Google Pixel 5, 4a, 4, 3a, and 3. Users can download the update by going to the phone’s settings menu and navigating to the “System” section. Under the “System” section, users will find the option to check for updates.

Overall, the new update for Google Pixel smartphones gives users more control over air quality alerts and other features. In addition, users can turn off the alerts to customize their phones to suit their needs and preferences better. The update includes new features and improvements that enhance the phone’s overall performance and user experience.

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