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Hey Everyone, back to another blog! Everywhere is spyware and spyware. Many of you were definitely thinking about what Spyware is? So today we will talk about Spyware and Pegasus Spyware. So let’s start!


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To give an example, it is software on the victim’s device. Using that software, the attacker gets each and every data such as photo, video, installed apps, etc. of your smartphone. And the attacker can remotely control your device and access everything.

Pegasus Spyware


NSO Group Technologies made this special Spyware. NSO Group Technologies is an Israel-based company, and we will not tell how much is Israel ahead in all these things. It is developed for monitoring anti-national elements, such as Terrorists. Now, this has been found that they are currently monitoring more than 50,000 people. Also, monitoring is done by Israel Government.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • You’re probably thinking that you can also use Pegasus for monitoring someone?

The answer is no. This is because this is not for everyone. Also, the Israel Government has to pay for monitoring a particular head.

  • You’re probably thinking that there are many Spywares, but what is special in Pegasus?

Well, in any other Spyware we have to install a file or click on a link from that device they want to access. But in the case of Pegasus, it works on 0-day-vulnerability. Even a missed call or SMS text is enough for the Pegasus Attacker to access our device.

  • If you get too many missed calls from an International number, you probably wondering if you got also attacked by Pegasus? No, Read this-

As it works on 0-day-vulnerability, it has a major issue on our devices. Because these are those bugs or vulnerabilities which are unknown even by the device’s manufacturers.


To give an example, as we all know Google is the Father of Android. So there are some vulnerabilities in Android, which are even unknown by Google itself. Pegasus knows these vulnerabilities. They know these vulnerabilities as these companies such as Google Bounty Programmes. In these, the person who will find any vulnerability in their Android will get an award of a huge amount. The Pegasus says the same but they also say “we will pay double the amount Google is paying to you but you have to tell that vulnerability to us”. So many of the people come in the Greed of the amount Pegasus is paying.

How Pegasus Attacks the victim?

By using those vulnerabilities, the NSO sends the data from the victim to the attacker. If you’re an iOS user, you’re probably happy in mind that I AM SAFE. But the truth is attackers can also attack an iOS device. Just like Jeff Bezos’s iPhone was hacked the Hacker steal 6GB of data. But it is much difficult for iOS to attack.

Also, the Pegasus is not going to tell anyone about their device’s vulnerability. By doing this, they are going to destroy themselves. The NSO has a team that regularly searches for vulnerabilities in different websites and apps.

Protect Yourself from Spywares

  • How you can save yourself from these Spywares?

The Government pays money in a huge amount to NSO for a particular head-to-attack. In this case why the Government will pay this much amount for you until or unless you haven’t did any crime. It is quite impossible if you’re a normal person and the Pegasus will spectate you.


But still, if you want you can use MVT. Human Rights Organization International made this. You can download it from here or directly from Github. You have to execute that code to be safe.

  • Basic ways to protect yourself against Spywares-
  • Don’t use Modded Softwares. These have some scripts and codes which do not affect your usage but sends your Data to Hackers.
  • Only use WordPress’s official themes as downloading from other sites cause Data Breach and giving your website access to anonymous person. Once you lose the access, it will never come back to you. So don’t download themes for WordPress from any other place except their official store.
  • Click only on trusted and verified website’s link. Do not click any link in SMS or Mail from unknown source.
  • Take a look at Permission Manager in your phone. Because many of the apps take much permissions even if they don’t need it.
  • Regularly Check and Install all the OTA updates especially Security Patches. As most of the Manufacturers release Security Patches for their device each month or in a period. The Security Patches comes with some more security against the vulnerabilities.

If you’re worried about being tracked and attacked, don’t be a worry. The Government pays a lot of money for each head to take eyes on that person. So if you’re a normal person then there is no chance to get attacked by these Spywares.

That’s it guys for today’s blog. Hope you all found this blog informative. Subscribe to our newsletter and YouTube channel for more. We will meet in the next blog. Until then, Stay Safe Stay Sarcastic!

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