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Hello friends, today we’ll talk about the various types of printers available in the market. It is well known that there are a variety of printer categories. Choose the one that suits your needs. As an example of a printer,

  • Inkjet Printers
  • Deskjet Printers
  • Inktank Printers
  • Laser Printers
  • Multifunction Printers
  • A3 Printers
  • Thermal Or Label Printers
  • 3D Printers
  • Dot Matrix Printers

We’re going to talk about everything about these printers today. Let’s start with inkjet printers.

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Inkjet Printer

These printers use ink cartridges to print. They are equipped with nozzles, which are responsible for printing. This will cost less to print if you check everything at once.

Inkjet Printer
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Individually, the cost of these printers starts at only ₹1800. In their boxes, these printers come with some free cartridges. The manufacturers recommend using their “genuine cartridges” when the inks in these cartridges run out. As a result, their “genuine cartridges” are more expensive. For this printer, these cartridges cost ₹800. This means ₹800 for inks and ₹1800 for printers. How can they provide a printer so much cheaper when the only ink costs ₹800.

Nevertheless, we Indians know how to solve every problem. In this case, they used to refill those cartridges at a super low price in India’s local market.

Furthermore, these printers were only suitable for users who print 10-12  pages a month. This is not for commercial use. Prints for children’s school projects, your photographs, etc.

Deskjet Printer

There is no difference between these and inkjet printers. Thus, the HP’s line of inkjets were given a new name, a new branding. Thus, whenever you search for HP’s inkjet printers, it will show us deskjet models rather than inkjet ones. However, if you search for Canon Deskjet Printer, you’ll see that the names listed are for inkjets, not deskjets.

desk jet Printer
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The print quality of HP’s Deskjet printer is also optimized to give better quality according to some reviews. This could also apply to the naming of these printers since they differ from inkjet printers.

Inktank Printer

These are advanced versions of inkjet printers. As we know, inkjet printers come with cartridges inside. Cartridges were usually fitted outside of ink tank printers. Ink is transferred to the printer through nozzle pipes.

inktank Printer
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As well, we can easily refill these printers’ inks since they are easily available both online and offline. We can also buy and refill it ourselves.

As well as being economical, these printers are also pocket-friendly. As a result, they are very inexpensive. Also, these printers start at a cost of ₹6,000 to ₹7,000. That’s why they are pocket-friendly and as well they cost 10 to 20 paisa for a page to print.

Many users get these only for personal use, which is okay. But there are a couple of things to keep in mind when buying or using these printers:

  • Whenever they print, they produce a lot of sounds. They make too much noise due to the head present inside them. You shouldn’t recommend these printers if you don’t like your printer making noise or if you want a silent printer.
  • Contrary to laser printers, this printer has a very slow speed. These printers have a page-per-minute capacity ranging from 8 to 12 pages. This means that if you want a printer that is fast or if you want fast printing, then you should not recommend these printers. We should recommend laser printers in these cases.

Laser Printer

These printers were a bit more expensive than ink tank printers, but they also fall into the same segment. In laser printers, we will not get any options such as color printing. With them, we only get black-and-white printing.

laser Printer
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In terms of ppm, laser printers offer 20 to 40 ppm, which is much faster than ink tank printers.

Additionally, these printers produce a higher yield than normal ink tank printers. We can print up to 1500 pages per refill.

Laser printers are known for their durability. You should recommend laser printers if you want a durable or reliable printer. Due to the heavy-duty nature of these printers. They can run for a very very long time.

In conclusion, if you want to print 20 to 30 pages per day or more, then laser printers are a good choice.

Dot Matrix Printer

Printers in this category are very old. However, it is still used in many cases. Usually, these printers are used in banks to print account statements on Passbook.

dot matrix Printer
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DPI, or density per inch, of these printers, is extremely low. The picture below shows a clear example of a dot matrix printer.

blurry Prints
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Dot-matrix printers have very low printing costs. Additionally, these printers are incredibly cheap. They also make a lot more noise than any other printer. It is irrelevant to discuss these printers today. Additionally, you shouldn’t consider buying them. However, it is still found in some banks or large organizations.

A3 Printer

A3 printers are available in both inkjet and laser. They only differ from other printers in that they use double A4 pages, meaning they use A3  pages to print.

a3 Printer
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You can buy an A3 printer if the A4 size of pages is not sufficient for you. This is just double the size of an A4 sheet, so you can print too much larger sizes.

Office Jet Printer

If you need a printer for a large organization that prints hundreds or thousands of pages daily, we recommend office jet printers. The manufacturers were exactly the same. The only difference is that they have different categories for each need.

office jet Printer
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Because these printers are heavy-duty, they can handle up to 30,000 to 50,000 pages per month.

Additionally, these printers were only available in black and white and laser printing.

Multifunction or AIO Printer

There was no difference between these printers and laser or ink tank printers. Additionally, they have a scanner over them, making them multifunctional. With the scanner, they can add Xerox or scanning functionality to their printer.

aio Printer
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They add scanner above these printers, just to add multifunctional or AIO to their names.

One thing to note is that the scanner used in these printers has a very low DPI. The result is a scan or a xerox that does not contain much detail. In contrast to a proper scanner, it captures very less dots per inch by these scanners. 

You should buy a separate scanner if you want much more clarity in the scans or Xeroxes. This will provide you with up to 1200 to 2000 dots per inch. As 95% of users don’t care about the DPI of the scanner, they add a scanner to the printer to make it all-in-one.

As a result, if you are only going to buy a printer for its scanning capabilities, then you should not buy it. Instead, you can buy a separate scanner and a normal printer (but only if you want more detailed scans).

Thermal or Label Sticker Prints

Most commonly, these printers are used to print bills or tickets. For instance, movie tickets, ATM transaction receipts, or any transaction receipt, etc. To print anything on a piece of paper, these printers use thermal or heat.

(Image Source-

You can check if you have an old receipt or ticket to see if the prints on these pages have faded. Prints on this paper show this effect. There is something special about this paper.

These printers throw heat at some specific areas of this paper.

Additionally, these printers use two types of special paper. One of them has some sticky fluid over it, which we can use to apply where necessary. The second is also special, but can’t be stuck anywhere.

label Printer
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The printers in this category are totally different. The printers were used to create 3D copies of anything. Your creativity is the limit. In addition, there is no need for ink as these printers use resin to print.

3d Printer
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Early 3D printers cost around ₹60-70k. Nowadays, 3D printers are available for as low as ₹12,000 on Amazon. Rasin is also readily available in the market.

WiFi – A Necessary One ?

Except for the WiFi capabilities, there is no difference between a normal printer and a WiFi printer. There are two types of printers, one normal and one with WiFi. There is no specific antenna for WiFi in the device. As a result, they have a very weak network.

(Image Source-
  • However, if you want to use your printer wirelessly from a very large area, then you should try this: You can buy a regular non-WiFi printer and a *1-2K router with a USB port. You can also make a print server that makes your regular printer WiFi-enabled. It will be more effective since it has specific antennae for network signals. Click here to create your own print server.
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Before buying any, the following points should be noted:

  • Printer speed- The first thing you need to consider is the printer’s speed, which is expressed in terms of PPM (pages per minute). Pages per minute refer to how many pages you can print in a minute. The greater the PPM, the greater the speed.
ppm of Printer
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  • Print Resolution – Print resolution refers to the detail we’re getting from a printer and details in your prints.
prints blurry
mujhe kuch nahi dikh raha maa
  • Cost of printing – The cost of printing varies a lot more than the above two points. There are several companies that deal with printers. The cost of printing varies greatly from one company to another. In this case, it is up to research and find out what each company has to offer.
  • An offering refers to features such as a warranty. You might think that the warranty is the same for each printer, right? There are many Inktank or Deskjet printers whose warranties are on pages. Print 10,000 pages warranty ends, 20,000 pages warranty ends, etc. Every time a printer is sold, this point is always mentioned. For example, if you use 10,000 pages in 3 months. The warranty will expire after three months. It is highly recommended to check whether a company offers a warranty. Sometimes, the companies provide a warranty in terms of both time and pages. Therefore, please check it before purchasing a printer.
It is important to check the availability of toner/cartridges before purchasing a printer. You should also check its yielding capacity. A lot of printers have very small cartridge capacities, which means they have to be refilled very frequently.
  • Additional features- two-sided printing. Simply put a page from one side and it will print on both sides. The paper input tray’s capacity.

That’s it for today, guys. I hope you will now make a good decision when buying a  printer. Visit our website for more interesting blogs like this. Subscribe to our newsletter to never miss an update. Subscribe to the Sarcastic Sindhi YouTube Channel to learn more about some crazy tech. 


Until then, Stay Safe Stay Sarcastic.

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